Many paint defects such as the swirl marks shown above can be safely removed, restoring much of the original brilliance back to your paint. This SUV was the victim of improper washing and drying techniques throughout its life.


swirl removal concord

Removing defects through polishing of the paint, not waxing, is what brings the finish back to life. The new owner was shocked  to discover that her "black" Land Rover was actually metallic.

Years of drive-thru washes and improper care had this sports car looking tired and in need of some attention. Instead of an expensive repaint, the owner chose to invest in paint correction. 

It was a wise choice. His paint was brought back to life at a fraction of the cost of a repaint, and without the loss of value due to non-original paintwork.

Not all detailers are the same, so do your research before choosing one. This car shows an example of holograms or buffer trails on the paint. Many detailers attack the paint finish with an aggressive compound and rotary buffer, then fill in these holograms with a glaze that conceals them and makes the car look good for delivery. Once these glazes wash off, the holograms become visible again.



Volkswagen detail

 Proper detailing is a labor-intensive, time consuming process. The results of proper tools, chemicals and techniques, however, is worth the effort.

VW detail

Thousands of miles worth of German brake dust....gone. 


Audi Lake Norman

 Sometimes the smallest things can have the greatest impact.

Audi Huntersville

 The finishing touches are what make a detail complete.

wetsand charlotte nc

This brand new car suffered some scrapes and scratches the day before it was to be delivered to its new owner. With careful wetsanding, most of the damage was fixed, and what couldn't be fixed was greatly minimized.  


colorsand chevrolet camaro

 With careful wetsanding, most of the damage was fixed, and what was to deep to be fixed was greatly minimized.  


This car had over 15 years of swirls, water spotting and neglect. 

 After many hours of polishing, much of the damage was reversed, leaving a classic sports car looking like it should!